Hey Uber I found a way to quit!

Marlan P.

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By doing 2 to 3 over times a week as a correctional officer I get almost double the amount an hr. That $$ is more than what I go for on uber a week. The only downfall is waiting 2 weeks to get paid but no more abusing my mileage or wear and tear, only 5min away from work. Nomore waiting, nomore having people in my car, taking it in to a top of the line detailer and ending my uber career, it has been officially a year. I will only drive on very big event days only and that is if I am not at my main job. 4 months in on my new car and already have 12k miles on it from just doing uberselect, now I can definently catch up on where I should be mileage and time wise.