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Discussion in 'Advocacy' started by Ms.Doe, Jun 29, 2016.

  1. ivanandco

    ivanandco Member

    Los Angeles, CA
    What if drivers decided to strike the next price cut? It's a thought.
  2. 2Cents

    2Cents Well-Known Member

    Call the union TRAVIS
  3. thelittleguyhelper

    thelittleguyhelper Active Member

    Doesn't have to be communist, unions traditionally kicked out the commies, socialists, leftists of all stripes because nobody would negotiate with them when economic unrealists were permitted to participate or lead.

    Unions theoretically can work, and at times have worked. But as they're now regulated and controlled by the labor boards and whatnot, intentionally to neutralize them and make them into funnels of money to "the right" people in politics, I'm not so sure.

    Guilds also work alright...for professionals. Where they don't have professionals, they've typically just bribed for laws they wanted...which gave us the PUCs regulated cabs as a "public utility" and...talking about how they "serve those we regulate" publicly. FTC reported decades ago that it was a giant, unconstitutional scam run mostly by mobsters.

    Which is what Uber broke-up. Artificial scarcity to push-up prices and block competition makes you bloated, weak, and stupid. If your adversary is none of these things and your hired hits cannot find him/her/them, then you've got a problem. And you can bribe Reno judges all you want...eventually the higher courts go "um, they are actually not falling within the regulated definition of taxi as written; so the legislature can revise if they like, but they cannot impose those requirements post-facto."

    I'm all for you guys finding a way to bargain better...but you will need to be the more-fair/rational/upright/humane (all in one) bunch to pull it off. That takes time to get people to have common understanding, understand that values matter less than facts (harsh I know), and to put those things aside to accomplish collective action without reacting poorly or screwing things up.

    Crossing fingers for you. :)
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  4. Max_Stout

    Max_Stout Member

    $62 billions

    We can't form a union but it doesn't mean that we can't organize. First, don't accept Uberspool rides not even if you have to eat spaghetti all week because if you accept, you will be eating a lot of stool instead.

    Second, tell your customers about UberStool. Of course, if you don't accept the Stool, chances are (about 90% actually) that they don't use it. But today I had a nice guy, admitting not only to using it but Lyft as welll. Tell them that you don't get paid for the additional customers because they don't know. He promised me he wouldn't use it again.

    Third: ask for tipping on the app. I won't make a difference. I started with Lyft and I get tipped more now than with Lyft. Lyft customers think of themselves as the yuppie generation but it's all in their heads. My ratings after over 100 trips there was 4.76. I'm at a constant 4.86 with Uber.
  5. me2

    me2 Active Member

    Ann Arbor mi
    It would be better if we all worked together because in the end happy rider and happy diver all make us more $$ sadly not every one thinks that way

  6. Jurisinceptor

    Jurisinceptor Active Member

    YES!!!!!! I would suggest we hold it in Orlando and I volunteer to coordinate. Legit!!!
  7. Uberyouber

    Uberyouber Well-Known Member

    Problem. By the time you put it together half the that drivers that register for the convention will have quit...
  8. crazy916

    crazy916 Well-Known Member

    I will attend if you cover airfare and lodging. Food reimbursment would be nice, but is not required.
  9. makes_sense

    makes_sense Well-Known Member

    Let's do it already
  10. Mole

    Mole Well-Known Member

    Dude your avatar always bet the max how many times do I need to tell people this?

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