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Hey SLC drivers


Active Member
Anyone else have a surge showing in downtown SLC all day yesterday? It showed from about 1700 S and State to the North end of the Avenues. I had several pickups in this 'surge' yet got zero surge rates. I contacted Uber on one of them to see what they would say and got a message that there was no surge despite the screenshot I sent them of me in the surge zone at one of the pickup locations.


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I have read somewhere that sometimes the surge gets stuck. Typically when it happens the colors will be a bit off. Log out, close app, restart to verify if the surge is there.


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MissAnn on here said she had the surge get stuck on her app as well. I haven't had that, but I have seen the surge "lag" or something from time to time. Didn't drive last night so not sure if it was surging downtown.