"Hey Nice Car!!" Hope you don't mind if I smoke in here


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Get the cops involved and you will likely be arrested/charged for possession even though it wasn't yours. Kinda like the guy that called 911 and filed a police report over his stolen bag of weed. Lmao.


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@@@@ heads get in compliment what nice car I have 5 min later. They light a joint thinking I wouldn't notice the smell or smoke. I give them props for rolling the windows down! Told them to @@@@ off and of course once again Old Town
Puff puff pass


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I had someone start Vaping and was like oh it does not smell?? I am like but seriously now I am inhailing chemicals??? It’s bad enough we have to pick people up that smell of smoke, but them thinking it is ok to smoke or vape in a car is rude.


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I've had a few ask if they could vape (no) and 1 woman take a puff, supposedly accidentally w/o thinking first. She was genuinely apologetic about it. I rarely have this issue during the day.