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Hey Guyes. I was in the red Uber surge area yesterday but I kept getting pings without surge. What's going on? Please see attached pictures of my app.

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This happens not infrequently to me. Usually, I decline until I see one that actually shows something for surge. Every once in a while, I am not paying attention and accept one. Most of the time, I will actually check, and, then it will show something for a surge. If it does not show anything, I put on my dancing shoes and cue up the music.



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Does the red area even mean surge anymore or just this high demand bullshit?

I was just posting because I liked the pic and I was feeling a bit trolly. But yes I'm seeing more and more red bullshit areas without surge.

I surmise it's them mimicking lyfts yellow boxes. Also they have the data for it, I bet most ants fall for it.


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Does the red area even mean surge anymore or just this high demand bullshit?
If there's no numbers attached but just red haze it's likely bullshit.

What @3.75Rohit posted was almost right. If you're seeing that, then close out of the app and open it again. Do NOT go offline or you'll lose whatever Surge you've accumulated.

Click this little bar then swipe Uber away:


You'll stay online but it will refresh your map.

The Shuffling Lyft part was, of course, 100% spot-on.