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Hey Everybody.

John McYeet

New Member
Just wanted to say hey to the group. Started driving for U/L in January and have been on this page several times for advice and tips. I live really close to my local airport and get a lot of surge/prime time trips out of there so it’s been okay so far.

One question I’ve been wanting to ask anyone is, I didn’t sign up with a referral bonus when I started with Uber. Is it possible to still use someone’s referral code having already done trips and worked a couple months? Might be a stupid question but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask.

Safe driving guys.


Honey Badger
Hi @John McYeet

Welcome to the forum. :smiles: Unfortunately @1.5xorbust is right in that once you complete the sign up process, and start driving, it's too late. I don't know how the demand vs driver Kansas City is, but if your market is not oversaturated with drivers already, you can give out your own referral code ( once or twice ) to make your own referral bonus cash. Try not to do this as a regular thing or you will be contributing to the oversaturation of your own market. If you search the term "oversaturation " here at Uberpeople.net, you will see how this is not a good thing.

Again....welcome to the forum.

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