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He's my husband...

Discussion in 'Jacksonville' started by JermaineDuPrius, Sep 6, 2015.

  1. New to the forum...new to the city...new to the night shift

    Last night was the first time I have driven at night and I had some jitters about it. I also hadn't spent much time with my husband and he was concerned and wanted to see what the process was like so I let him ride along. When I got a large group once I had him get out and I took them dripped them off and went back for him.
    Most of my riders didn't seem to mind however a few of them mentioned that it was "weird".
    I can say with all seriousness that I will never ever ever drive at night at the beach. I got a rider from downtown to Atlantic Beach and then ended up in a never ending loop of disrespectful drunk females who talked like Paris Hilton. I hit my personal budget for the night and bailed at 1:30 am because it was annoying.

    Anyway...my question is this...is it really so strange that a seemingly young looking female driving uber in a new city would have her husband ride along? Or did I take the drunken party girl banter too personally?
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  2. Very simple answer. It's against policy
    An Uber rider is paying for the car not just a seat also makes for a uncomfortable situation for the rider not knowing who this strange guy in the car is. You're lucky up to this point a rider hasn't complained yet!
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  3. If you don't have the stones to control your car and your riders and you fear for your life, you really should not be in this business. I absolutely understand your position, I am a tough cookie and the drunks get over on me too. If I hired a cab, a limo, or a sedan, and a man and a woman pulled up, I would freak out, I would cancel and I would report them. Folks out there will report you so I suggest you do not try it again. I'm not aware of any field that allows service providers to bring their spouses along for protection. Again, if you fear for your life, please take care of yourself and seek out another opportunity. Good Luck to you.

    Mrs. Uber Jax
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  4. My wife always wants me to run her on some errand at the absolutely wrong time. She's always telling me to stay logged in and if I get a call we can divert and do it. I'm like no. I can't pick up passengers with you in the car.

    I did have a couple of young guys in the car though once and the wife was blowing my phone up with some store run she needed to do and the guys insisted we stop and pick her up as our route passed my house. The guys loved it. That kind of stuff happens here in Mayberry (Amelia). I couldn't see that happening in a million years in Jax.
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  5. RockinEZ


    San Diego
    As Turbovator said it is against policy.

    If that is your actual photo, replace it with something else right away.
    Most photos of women as avatars are usually men posing as women on this forum, as women are usually more savvy.

    how would you feel if you pinged an Uber and there was another person, especially a male in the front seat?

    This may not be for you.
    If you decide to drive do it in the mornings before the drunks.
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  6. As some of the others have said, doing this successfully and enjoying it requires a calling. If you are feeling unsure, then start with day shift. It's a complete fallacy that there is only money to be made from driving the crazies around at 2am. I work almost entirely day shift, shutting it down after folks are done coming back from dinner. Judging from some of the other posts here about what people are making, I'm making as much or more than the drivers working all night.

    Morning rush hour can be very profitable, especially Monday. It surges a lot. It also tends to stay busy for a much longer period of time. Like 6am to 11am. Evening rush is much shorter. You can also get good airport runs. Also, hang out around the business hotels downtown in the afternoon and pick up more airport runs. If it's raining it will go surge and business travelers with a flight to catch will gladly pay it. Another good time is the beaches weekend mornings. All the night drivers are asleep and those drunken punks they had so many problems a few hours earlier are doing their walk of shame.
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  7. Ipd26


    You're brave. I would have been concerned that some guys knew where my house was, especially if they knew when you were working and my wife was potentially home alone...... :-/
  8. [​IMG]

    What, me worry? My wife grew up in the Washington Hights section of New York. I'd be worried for anyone who tried to mess with her.
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  9. Ipd26


    Haha! You found yourself a good woman. Mine sure doesn't put up with crap from anybody. Hell, she's a little 5'2" little thing and trains huge horses. Those horses definitely knows who the boss is haha.

    Anyways, I wanted to thank you and a bunch of the other avid drivers. I actually live near Gainesville and Ocala but have family in Jax and thought about trying things out up here when I come to visit. I'm definitely having second thoughts about it now.
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  10. Rates in Jax are half what they are in Gainesville. The only chance you have of making money here is targeting long highway trips and surge. That takes real knowledge of the city and a fair amount of luck.
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  11. Interesting view considering that I never "target surge," often work areas with a lot of short trips, but yet in 19 weeks of working less than 40 hours a week and only driving less than half the weekends because of having a daughter and a business that does a lot of weekend work I've made just shy of $11,000 after paying for fuel. Hmmm.... That's on pace for just short of $30,000 a year. Seems like I'm making money....

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