He's accused of war crimes and torture. Uber and Lyft approved him to drive.


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He was never charged nor convicted of a crime. Justice is giving due process. Liberals believe in the seriousness of the charge; but only for their adversaries or those who have fallen from grace.


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One time I took a Lyft and the name of the driver was "Osama Laden." I am not lying. It was his name.
His rating was 4.18. And probably dropping by the day.
I offered him some advice, so that he might stay active. I told him that I understand being proud of his name, but he should have used another display name, or else he is heading straight toward deactivation-level ratings.
I felt bad, because he can't control what name his parents gave him. But sometimes you just have to allow common sense into your decision-making process, and drop your pride. I'd be shocked if he is still active. He literally has to change his name legally, or he is going to have a rough time of it here.


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He is from my home country. I never knew he could be even alive. Usually those types of war lord guys are long dead.


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Sometimes, people saying themselves are not real victims. In order to get asylums status from US or other developed countries, they lied, making up really bad stories accusing someone who was well known, in reality they had never seen.
Like the way that riders was trying to get refunds form U and L, accusing drivers got drunk.
If he really is a war lord, he would never put his foot on US soil.