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Discussion in 'Lyft' started by Hunter420, May 16, 2018.

  1. Hunter420


    This company not only left me stranded on the road! they destoyed my life!! they are monsters!!! I'm posting on every forum today!! how hertz express drive is a scam!!! they won't even give me my deposit back!!!
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  2. Ghwwe72


    If they didn’t return your deposit you either had damage to the vehicle or you owed money to them. Otherwise it’s always returned in to your Lyft earnings!
  3. nj2bos


    It's not a scam.. they will return your deposit if there was no damage and if you returned the vehicle with the correct fuel amount, and had no outstanding balance on your rental.

    What exactly happened? What did they say when you asked for your refunded deposit? Did they give you a reason for withholding it?
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  4. New2This


    DC Area
  5. Adieu


    How are you keeping the IRS in business this year if such small sum losses are this catastrophic for you???

    because, correct me if I'm wrong, but you seem DESPERATE (vs. the usual "ticked off" reaction to getting stiffed for a couple hundred bucks)
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  6. Uber's Guber

    Uber's Guber

    United States
    You’re not telling us the whole story. :cool:
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  7. beezlewaxin


    Everything he has posted indicates his car broke down over the weekend and that it had to be towed.

    I have not heard of anyone having to get their rental towed and it would be useful information to know what this process is like and if they asked or required the rental to end.

    Do they require a full tank if the car isnt driveable? That wouldnt seem fair to charge more than pump prices if you cant drive it to the pump.

    Anyway, because the Express Drive office isn't open until Monday morning it seems like he turned in his keys and ended his rental outside of business hours. And possibly at a different (24hr) Hertz location.

    Maybe he didn't want to be charged for a day or two while the car wasnt driveable. Or maybe he was given bad information by Hertz or the tow driver about how to swap cars, unaware his car was through Lyft.

    I dont know if Hertz requires you to turn over the keys and remove all personal items before they agree to tow it but if they do, I would have refused until the Express Drive office was open.

    This would have given me time to get the tank filled up by whatever means necessary before I had it towed.

    I personally would have tried to just havd it pushed/towed to a legal parking space, preferably outside of my Express Drive office. But I would not hand over keys or vacate the rental without a replacement car.

    In that momemt when he was stranded who knows what happened. Maybe the tow truck driver told him its normal to turn over keys and remove personal items because they just swap cars when it needs to be towed, 24hrs a day, no questions asked. And we know this isnt the case with Express Drive.

    Bottom line is that the desperation he shows now should have informed his actions while dealing with his broken down car. He should have had a real fear that he would not be able to rent again when deciding to be towed and done everything he could have to make sure he could get another car. I wonder if he went with the tow truck driver to wherever the car got towed.

    I was in a head on collission on a Saturday night a few months ago but car was driveable with enough damage to need replaced before Lyft reinstated my account. I brought the car back on tues or wed and Hertz swapped it with another no questions asked and I was immediately able to go online.

    If I had turned it in over the weekend or had it towed and turned it in I knew I would be ending my rental contract. No way would I have done that. I would have just kept the keys and went back on Momday, knowing I would be paying for those two days on a nondriveable car.
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  8. SRGuy


    Santa Rosa
    I'm not sure how it works with Lyft but Hertz included emergency road service for uber rentals. I have heard many stories about stranded vehicles getting towed to the local Hertz service yard. In NorCal Hertz contracts with AAA. They're also pretty good on supplying a replacement car during normal business hours.
  9. luvgurl22


    They do give it back to you if you don’t owe for damages or have a balance due.It just takes 2-3 weeks after you stop the program to get it back.I’ve gotten mine back several times.Also, I’ve never opted for a ride but they do provide it, because I’ve been asked when I have brake or engine issues & they want to send a tow.I usually take it in myself, immediately they open though.
  10. New2This


    DC Area
    I'm guessing he snaps and there's a blurb 'disgruntled Lyft driver goes on rampage film at 11!'

    Oh wait ammo costs money. Never mind
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  11. Raven087


    Atlanta, GA
    still not taking any personal responsibility for your life situation. Please don't ever have kids.
  12. That's because it seems the OP apparently is. Especially since they had to leave the LA crab bucket for the SF anthill farm.....

    Renting a $9.99 per day truck from home depo & running it over the next news anchor he sees reporting in the field would be far more economical.
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  13. RideshareGentrification


    It's not a scam it's just another program to take advantage of people and turn them into slaves.
    Seriously I don't get how people fall for the rental programs and think its a smart financial decision, except for a short term thing (1 to 4 weeks)
  14. I seriously don't get the whole "victimization"angle you're suggesting here. No one held a gun to the OP's head and forced them to drive for Lyft. When they could be just as inept doing rideshare for Uber. No one is forcibly stopping the OP from working in another industry besides rideshare. The OP continues opting to do so until predictable circumstances of the job ie O&M costs intervened.

    It is increasingly apparent OP has zero contingency backup plan for making income should their rideshare income be disrupted.

    How exactly is that victimizing anyone like the OP who voluntarily opted to do rideshare and said program in the first place?
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  16. Luber4.9


    Bay Area
    Sounds like Hertz is getting a ton a body damage, if not totaled cars, from this arrangement.

    It could be hurting them with insurance considerations. Time to pull the plug?
  17. New2This


    DC Area
    Enterprise got out of renting to Uber drivers, at least around here. Same problem with Xchange Lease. Nobody realized that drivers were going to put a ****load of miles on the cars?

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