Hershey Pennsylvania


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Curious how do you know there are 3 new drivers?

Most here won't know anything about Hershey. I would look for the local forum to post.


All area's are overpopulated with drivers at some point! Wait till mid-summer there will be new drivers everywhere. I drive in the York area and some night there are Uber's waiting 8 to 12 deep at the local bar. Learn your area and go where other drivers don't, remember the newbie drivers tend to have a herding mentality and stay where they think the most ride are going to be (bars). Last night on a Thursday I did 21 trips in 7 hours and only 3 were bar pickups. I know when and where local businesses start and end shifts and get alot of workers going back and forth to work.


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Thank you so much for the advice. I really appreciate It. I will def try it. It's been tough to say the least. You get use to the good money lol.