Here's How Much Uber Drivers Really Make: Inc dot com article


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hmm interesting........i have read threads in the US and UK forums indicating the same sentiments......the total gross income considering all expenses is questionable.


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Based on these calculations, it’s possible to estimate that Uber drivers in late 2015 earned approximately
$13.17 per hour after expenses in the Denver market (which includes all of Colorado),
$10.75 per hour after expenses in the Houston area, and
$8.77 per hour after expenses in the Detroit market, less than any earnings figure previously released by the company.

Uber’s data represents all trips taken in Detroit between Dec. 7 and Dec. 21, 2015.
During that period, Detroit drivers earned approximately $13.70 an hour before expenses and — given the assumptions above — about $8.77 an hour after expenses,
according to BuzzFeed News estimates that were supplemented by additional data from Uber.
That’s less than the $10 an hour Walmart promised to pay its employees in 2015.