Here we go again... Lyft lowering rates


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Just got this email from Lyft... I think I might just stop driving until the high season starts again

Competitive Strategy Update

With colleges on break, summer can be a slower season for rides - and we've got all hands on deck to help. We know from testing prices in the past that affordability is the first consideration in getting passengers to take Lyft. With the competition offering lower prices, we need to take action to protect ridership and your long-term earnings.

We'll continue providing you with the best earnings opportunities of any platform, through better pricing, tips, and Power Driver Bonuses.

Cost per mile: $0.85 (Lyft Plus: $1.95)
Cost per minute: $0.13 (Lyft Plus: $0.30)
Base charge: $0.90 (Lyft Plus: $2.00)
Min. Driver Pay: $3.90 (Lyft Plus: $7.50)

Find classic rates at once they're live at 3 PM PTon Monday, July 18.

We are working hard to continue the momentum as the platform people prefer to use. In the last year, driver earnings have increased 13% because of this work and your great service.

Driver Earnings in Perspective

13% increase
year/year in avg hourly pay
total paid in tips
total in Power Driver Bonus


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No big difference. Base fare reduced 5 cents. And fare per mile reduced by 4 cents.

On a 5 mile ride you make $0.20 less.

I dont think that makes much of an impact. Well, perhaps about $3 less per week.


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Lol, more proof...what a job, the better you do the more they cut your pay.

Your rates are going reverse!!! What job has salary/rate reversal? Shouldn't you be compensated more $$ for doing a good job, putting in time and being a better driver!? ...NO they say thanks and cut. So messed up.

This is a dead end job, not a career. We're all disposable in their eyes.... It's a melting ice cube until the day you crash and regret ever doing this. Hopefully you wake up before that day and make a change of jobs.


Lyft Premier/LUX rolls out soon in Miami. I already got my car configured for it.. I'm sure that has something to do with it.


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This might mean uber will cut rates to just because lyft did, hopefully not tho but right now that's the same price as uber x uh oh