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Here is exactly what to do to get NYC TLC license


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Here is what you do:

First, go to the TLC website and apply online. Print out everything

Next make an appointment for Defensive Driving and Medical Exam. This is free at Ubers office. This will take the entire day. There will be an eye test and hearing test.

Next go and take the wheelchair course which is $75, 3 hours. Starts at 9am almost every day. Call to schedule

Next, turn in the application to the Staten Island facility. This isnt just a drop off. You will stand in line for hours Lets say half to full day. You will also take drug test at that time. Expect this to be a full day process.

Wait 6 weeks give or take and you get your license.

Total out of pocket cost about 500. Total time in days spent going from place to place 3 full days. Also you will have to get your certified DMV abstract printout and need your original unlaminated social security card. You will need copies of everything. Follow the checklist exactly. You do not want to get to the Staten Island office and be missing anything otherwise it will be another day added on to the process. Follow the checklist exactly and do not deviate.

After you get the license then you can decide which vehicle and there is another process for the plates. However, if I were you, I would start the above process now so in the future you have the license in hand just in case. Lets say you are in a shaky job and dont know what the future holds. Go ahead and get the TLC license. If I found myself without work, I would much rather to have the TLC license then to be waiting for weeks. So do this now if you think you might need it.

Before driving, read the rule book. You are responsible for everything in this book and there are NYC TLC police at all the popular drop-offs and pickup. They will ticket. Most common ticket is using a bluetooth or holding a phone while driving. Uber WILL NOT tell you any of this. Therefore go through the rule book page by page. You never know when the NYC TLC police are lurking and, unlike the PA police, they dont wear uniforms or hiviz vests.

My suggestion is not to get a NEW car. Find yourself a used car under 15 grand like a Camry Hybrid or minivan. The minivan qualifies for UberX and UberXL. Toyota is the best vehicle to get. Very durable, low maintenance. Expect insurance to run at least 400 a month. I saw an example here where someone paid $5300 for liability and got a quote of 7% of the vehicles worth per year for comp/collision. Therefore, the reason for getting a used vehicle.

Lets say you get the 2015 Suburban LT for 55k and insure it as such. That would be about 750 a month for insurance with the above formula. But with the 15k used Camry Hybrid its more like 500 a month. I have not heard about any payment plans. I hear these insurers require all of the policy premium up front. So 6 months up front.

All of the companies which insure TLC vehicles are CRAP. Sketchy small 1 room insurance companies with no customer service. No Geico, no Esurance. Total and complete crap. Dont expect too much. If you do make a claim on a TLC vehicle, they will send an independent appraiser to see the vehicle. Take pictures of the vehicle on all sides, the damage and the vin. Email them to the guy to make his job easier.

If you really plan on doing this. Drive the crap out of it in the city. Do not miss any days especially for the first few months.
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I thought, NYC told Uber to stop putting drivers in the NYC, I saw in the news 3 weeks ago that UBER surpassed NYC yellow taxis and Uber drivers were over 26,000.
Is that true?


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There is the Defensive Driving and Medical Exam held at two locations in NYC by Uber 2 to 3 times per week. Each class is filled with 25+ people. So they are certainly churning out drivers. Not only are they churning out drivers for NYC but all over Long Island. Earlier on in the year I didnt see many drivers on Long Island but now they are everywhere. Right now, 6am on a Saturday there are 7 vehicles around Hempstead/Garden City area. Months back there was at most 1 car just passing through and sometimes zero.

There are other TLC authorities like Westchester, etc. in NY. Getting that license would only allow you to pickup on that area of NY though.

Long Island is a very spread out place and I wonder how lucrative it might be to Uber there.

In any event despite all the crap Uber is expanding like a weed. In a few years there might not be any limo companies like the old days.