Here comes Irma

Who's Braving the Storm Tomorrow?

  • Hell Yeah gunna get that storm surge!

    Votes: 8 57.1%
  • Some much nope the nope station is sold out of 87 grade nope.

    Votes: 6 42.9%

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Sunday afternoons and Monday mornings are my best times. I took this afternoon off but will work a few hours early tomorrow.


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Taking the whole week off. Need a week off might As well be a week with potential fuel shortages. Stay safe out there. Be especially vigillant of people unfamilliar with ga roads. Out of state tag= give room and be understanding. Ga tag = probably going to cut you off so do the usual. That plus rain= bad drivers get worse. Good luck.


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I plan on working. Being from a public safety background I've always had to work regardless of the weather. The only difference with this situation is if most of the paxs stay put there won't be much business for us. So I may be forced to stay home anyway.


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Yall better be working, all of you, to minimize the surge. My flight to Atlanta tomorrow with Southwest got cancelled from Dallas Love and so did my coworkers flight from Connecticut. I think it's safe to assume all Southwest flights to Atlanta has been cancelled, not sure about Delta or other airlines, so the Airport may not be the place to be on Monday, maybe Tuesday.

Gonna have to fly into Nashville where another Coworker is who was driving to Atlanta, along with the Connecticut guy. Hurricane (Tropical Depression) road trip!


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So after changing my flights around, correction. Limited flights into Atlanta, not complete cancellations.
Well according to this totally scientific poll there will be a 50% decrease in drivers. Hopefully mindless pax will keep rider volume up.

You gonna do me like that with surge pricing bro?!


Such BS! Headed out at 2, drove a $20/hr, then at 3 was informed the app was going offline for the general public safety! And for a bit had to watch the entire ITP area lit up bright red. Money to be about we decide when it's unsafe. It's just some rain and wind, not like we are in the path of a wildfire or on a island that might flood. "Be your own boss", my ass. People are stranded in the city right now, I'm willing to take them where they need to go, up until the point I DECIDE I'm no longer willing, but the app locked me out. Well, luckily I've got that 60 billion in my account so I have the luxury...


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I guess I should change my vote to nope. I didn't see any worthwhile surge this morning to make it worth going out. Perhaps tomorrow will be better.


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I did like $22/hr early, but I knew it was gonna be like that. I should have stayed in Dunwoody/Sandy Springs and done the 1.8's till it died. It was still a good a.m., but pretty sure tomorrow gonna suck and the rest of da week who knows.