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There is a car wash/ gas station at 71st and Mingo that offers free vacuums. Also have some specials when buying gas/ car washes.

There are some parking spots downtown north of TCC that are not metered, they just have a 2 hour limit. There are also plenty near the Brady district, with a 2 hour limit. They are great for taking five or waiting for the next ping when downtown during the day.


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There's a car wash on Peoria just north of 44 that has a monthly membership of as little as $19.99 for unlimited washes and free vacuums. They also have a location in tulsa hills. Works great for me, I wash my car 3-4 times a week and only pay $30/mo (I have an upgraded monthly package). And their vacuums are actually pretty good, some places have horrible vacuums.