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HELP with app please

Discussion in 'Advice' started by RedSteel, Jul 13, 2018.

  1. Last night I lost basically a lot of money a d hopefully someone here can direct me to a solution

    This weekend and next are two of the biggest events in my area (Camp Bisco and The Peach Festival)

    I'm out working doing the grind runs until the end of night Surge time that gets pretty good and lasts awhile

    The surge hits and I am literally sitting at the gate.....all the people requesting rides are 50 yards from me.....the surge is 4.0 or better

    And not one ride they send me has a multiplier on it..... I am declining rides over and over ...I turn the app off and on....I deinstalled the app and re installed

    I am watching as the rides are listed as .1 mile away and its red as hell and I am not getting a single multiplier

    I called uber support and the girl that answered obviously was reading from a script and had no clue what to say to me

    Has anyone ever ran into this???

    Is it some freaking kind of hybrid new surge pricing in my area like the flat surge where if you decline a ride the next one has to be base fare??

    I was HIGHLY pissed off and simply went home....I was NOT doing those rides for base fare when every other driver was cleaning up

    I declined so many rides trying to get the surge applied it dropped my acceptance rate to 33%

    Is that a reason.....is there a trigger rate that you have to be above?

    Any help would be great as tonight is the biggest night of the festival
  2. You're assuming the other drivers are getting surge rides.
    For all you know they were taking base.
  3. It's a well known event we all wait for

    I could SEE the surge area I was in ....beet red

    I was sitting on the 4.0......and the rides I was being sent were literally right next to me

    No multiplier

    Screenshot_20180713-030702_Uber Driver.jpg Screenshot_20180713-030757_Uber Driver.jpg

    Next ride a few seconds later.....no surge

    This happened the entire surge time

    Have no clue what happened
  4. MaddMattG


    Were the passengers in the red area? It doesn't matter where you are, it matters where the passenger is.

    With that dropping from dark red to white with no in-between, it looks like they had a filter for an area not to surge. Normally it would he 3, and next to it 2.6, then 2.2ish, etc all the way down to 1.2 at the edges. When they filter (no surge after the festival, we're doing you a solid, choose Uber!) An area the peeps just get a base price ride.
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  5. Uber has been known to play tricks like this...
    Next time download lyft, and collect cancel fees
  6. I don't fall for the red map. It like falling for the banana in the tail pipe.
  7. The time to really get mad is if you took the ride and find in the fare details that you made the base amount while Uber collected 4x. I'm sure they have a ready excuse (if you eventually fight your way through the formbot answers) as to why that is and why they can't pay you the surge. ;)
  8. SkyyCapital


    It was the same for everyone.If you look at the surge heat map the high surge was down the cliff in the woods where no riders are at,all the people attending the event are to the right of the pick up spot where there is no surge.For some reason weather it be competition with lyft of A arrangement with camp bisco Uber does not want to charge A surge.They put the surge down in the woods so drivers will still flock to that area...Uber is not A good company you just gotta think of it as A hobby you enjoy doing and not A job or source of income otherwise you will just be frustrated everyday.

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  9. Yup figured it out....the last surge hex is the front gate.....so if they request from the back of the parking lot or the stage area they are not "in the surge" area

    Complete and total BS

    I am sure it will be that way for The Peach next weekend also......which is why I am home right now at 11:40pm responding instead of out working

    Made 170 earlier taking people to the festival and then went home

    Sucks though because last year it wasnt like this and we made great money at night. These are really our last two money events before the flat surge rate destroys big event days

    Plus did you you get a load of Snaggle Tooth guy at the top of the mountain turning all the Uber around and telling them to drop off "at the designated gate"
    Almost through him 3 bucks towards getting new teeth......3 teeth left at his age and they were brow

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