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Help with airport rules MDT

Discussion in 'Advice' started by NOXDriver, Aug 12, 2018.

  1. New driver, still reading everything but I don't understand this:

    For the HIA instructions:

    You can gas up or grab a snack at the Sheetz across the street from the airport without losing your place in the queue. However, you will need to head back to the parking garage to be able to receive rider requests. Please note: if the parking garage is empty, the first person in the queue may receive an airport request in the surrounding area.

    Keep in mind:

    • Parking fees will be waived if you enter and exit the parking garage within 10 minutes or if you exit within 30 minutes with a passenger

    So I am confused.

    You can be in the queue while NOT at the airport, but to get a request/ping you HAVE to be in the garage (gps will tell them you are?). But you can only wait 10 minutes or pay the fee for the time you are waiting?

    My example is if I get to the airport and into the garage (paid parking) I only have 9 minutes to get a request. If wait 10+ minutes and don't get a pax and leave I will be charged at normal parking rates???

    MDT is just not that busy to pay to sit in the garage.... so I should not wait at the airport?

    Last Q... if I am near the airport I could get a ping if there are no drivers in the queue at the airport?

    Thanks all!
  2. oldfart


    Fort Myers
    Not my airport so I really don’t know what I’m talkung about but

    Why not wait at Sheetz until you are number one in the queue then assuming a flight has recently arrived, go to the garage

    Wouldn’t you expect a ping in 30 min?
  3. Because this:

    However, you will need to head back to the parking garage to be able to receive rider requests.

    If there is no queue, I guess that the ping would go to anyone?

    Looking at today MDT might have 30-40 incoming flights total.
  4. It sounds like you can go across the street if the queue is sufficiently long to allow you to eat or get gas or whatever. As you advance in the queue (i.e. 1-10 in the queue) you may want to move to the actual queue area or you will be passed over. Most places this isn’t an option. You must be in the geo fence of the queue to receive a request.

    If there is no queue, then the request will go to the nearest driver like any other request outside the airport.
  5. My guess is that you CAN be queued at the Sheetz, the store just reserved the right to throw out Uber/ lyft drivers for loitering and the airport doesn’t want you doing that because it costs them parking fees. And Uber just wants you closer to the pickup location so the customer gets picked up faster.

    That should about come cover the truth.
  6. However, you will need to head back to the parking garage to be able to receive rider requests

    This seems to state that I need to be in the garage (and possibly incur parking fees at the airport) "to be able to receive rider requests".

    Have you done any airport pickup? Is this significantly different near you?

    MDT is not big enough to have that many drivers sitting at the airport. I don't think I've ever seen taxi's in line there either.

    I guess I'll try and connect with a local driver and see if they have done it... but it sounds like the airport doesn't want drivers just waiting there.
  7. I’ve never waited in the queue there, but I have seen upwards of a dozen drivers in the queue. Not sure why anyone would just hang out there.
    I can tell you that I did get an airport pickup one time just after I dropped someone off in Middletown. I wasn’t even close enough to be in the queue, so I’m assuming there weren’t any other drivers.
  8. Like I said, wait until you get as close to the top of the queue as you can. You’ll probably have to guesstimate how fast the queue is moving to get in there and get a request before you get charged. Doesn’t sound very friendly to ride share and you may have to decide for yourself if it’s really worth the effort.

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