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Help! So Tired of Pax asking Personal Questions.

Discussion in 'Complaints' started by Surgeless in Seattle, Aug 14, 2016.

  1. Surgeless in Seattle

    Surgeless in Seattle

    Perhaps this is a sign it's time to stop but I cringe and get incredibly irritated at the - "Is this your full time gig?" type questions... You know the ones, "How much do you make?" "Is this your only job?" Of course there's also the, "Do you feel safe?" "Aren't you scared being a woman?" "How long have you been driving for Uber?"

    After well over a year I still have a pretty good rating (4.92 Uber - 5.0 Lyft) but I can't handle the ****ing personal finance question - I so desperately want to turn the table on them.

    The safety/scared question I sometimes turn it back around and lock eyes with them and ask, "Not usually, should I be?" Or with the how long I've been driving, I'll pretend I don't understand and tell them when I started that day.

    It's the gall of asking someone how much money they make. What damn difference does it make if I'm full or part time?

    If I stopped driving tomorrow I'd be fine financially, my driving income provides "extras" for my family - maybe that's why it irritates me? I don't think so though, I'd think if I needed to drive to buy food it would piss me off even more.

    I am asked some permeation of these questions at least 5x/shift. It has been bothering me more and more and I am beginning to feel like I've reached my limit. I need a comeback for the hours/income question that essentially lets them know how damn rude they are without pissing them off.
  2. Nenee


    I'm a female and I get the same questions. Initially I didn't mind but the novelty is quickly wearing off.

    Regular conversation protocols follow a tick-for-tac so next time anyone asks anything personal then u also get to ask. Unfortunately not everyone minds haha! Believe me, I've gotten an earful!

    On the safety front, I would definitely turn the question around on them. I sometimes wonder how some of these girls get into a car w a bunch of perfect strangers. And as much as I want to think that all ewwwbers are nice stable people, well, I'm sure that is not always the case.
  3. RightTurnClyde


    When I got tired of the same old questions from passengers, my goto reply when asked something became "you first". People love talking about themselves, so normally they'd get so caught up in that they'd forget about asking about me...
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  4. Michael2017


    I'm a male and I get asked the similar questions. I've noticed that most pax enjoy conversation. People are curious, and those are the most common questions. It is no big deal. And as the previous commenters said, it gives the pax an opportunity to talk about themselves. Just focus on providing a good service. Questions and conversation is all part of the UBER game.
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  5. uberist


    Xp0453b, Mars
    Just tell them, "you first" and ask them how much they make a year.

    As far as the safety question as a guy I get that too, I tell them yes I'm in control, if some one tries something I have an airbag and seat belt, attackers don't wear seat belts and I have no problem driving into a wall or pole to send them through the windshield
  6. kc ub'ing!

    kc ub'ing!

    Reno, NV
    My first job was at an amusement park; Marriott's Great America. At orientation they warned us that we'd be asked the same questions over and over again. They encouraged us not to become annoyed because although we hear the same questions ad nauseam; it was the first time this particular person asked, so be cool. Made sense to me.

    By way of solution, just make crap up! Be creative with the goal of amusing yourself. "so how long you been driving?" "Oh golly, about a year now. Ya see we bought our little Tina a pony last year and really underestimated the expense. Driving for Uber keeps us in hay and oats." Bet you'll even score more tips. Nobody wants to see poor Tina lose that pony!
  7. unPat


    Don't take it personal. Just make stuffs up. Don't give out personal details . Just play along .
  8. Yeah, you have to have fun with it.

    Is this your only job?
    "No, I teach High School Chemistry as my main job."

    You just do this for fun?
    "Well I have a son with Cerebral Palsy and a late-in-life baby on the way so I do it for extra cash. I also work at a car-wash as a cashier."
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  9. SEAL Team 5

    SEAL Team 5

    Don't take this the wrong way, but you are nearing your tolerance. Maybe before you go "Uber" on a pax you should consider giving up on this business. After 16 years in this business I have realized one must have a high tolerance for obnoxious overbearing pax. And with you being a female I'm sure your male pax are trying to start conversation just to see your reaction. The inebriated male pax will almost always try and "hit" on a female Uber driver. And for the income questions you can always tell them you're on work release from prison. Tell them that you made a plea agreement for involuntary manslaughter after you were charged with murdering your ex husband. That will shut them up. On the more serious side, don't forget that much of our time is spent driving drunks. Good luck.
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  10. Digits


    Los angeles
    Those are rhetorical questions and a great opportunity to bring up tips, tips and tips.. The most common question I get is if I enjoy doing it? "To be honest, the tips make it all the more fun. Or " all you riders have been so generous with tips that it makes it all worthwhile". Usually a silence follows and a couple of $$ on exit. Slam Bam thank you Ma'am!!
  11. I tell them I started driving legally at 15 years old.

    So when they say " no,I meant how long have you been driving Uber"

    I tell them since 3 this morning . . .or whichever time adds up to less than 12 hours on the clock . . .
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  12. Not giving up.

    Take a break !

    I take breaks all the time.

    Just the traffic with idiots is enough to get to you for 12 hours.

    Never mind who is in your car.
  13. CrazyT


    I get the questions all the time. Female, 5 ft, so I guess it pretty natural for people to think about safety when they see a small woman picking up strangers. I find most of those questions came from the older women I pick up. The questions about liking driving for uber I usually steer to the meeting people and going interesting places and stay away from the financial end. I also break quite often, usually if I find myself getting too annoyed with a pax or traffic in an area, or just dropped off after a long run. Especially making those runs of 90 minutes or more, it's time for a bathroom, stretch, and maybe Starbucks.
  14. Atom guy

    Atom guy

    I've gotten asked the exact same questions at most of my jobs. I sold cars for 7 years, and most of the customers would end up asking how long I'd been doing the job. It is annoying, but they are just trying to make conversation. I never tell them how much I make, I just say what the rate is per mile and per minute, which they already know (actually a surprising number of people do not know how the fare is determined).

    Just think of it as an easy conversation starter, and then ask them what they do for a living.
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  15. Short women are like Chihuahuas !

    Fearless & Mean !

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  16. NFIH


    It doesn't particularly bother me. I answer the questions truthfully because, why not? I get a bit of a kick out of the "how long have you been driving for Uber?" question because they're invariably expecting an answer that confirms the marketing "isn't the gig economy awesome!" gibberish they've been sold about how great Uber is for drivers. I set them straight on the reality--minimum wage-ish job, good flexibility and cash flow and just doing this until I find a real job because Ubering really isn't a good job.

    Then they say, "Oh. What's your actual profession?"

    And *then* we have a real conversation.
  17. m1a1mg


    Charleston, SC
    I figure those questions come with the job.
  18. Strange Fruit

    Strange Fruit

    San Francisco
    "I make enough to support my heroin habit....." followed by awkward silence while they wonder if you're joking. The questions drive me crazy, though unlike you it isn't because they're personal. It's because they are too boring to motivate me to speak. Same issue, practically speaking. But, like a previous reply said in a different way: lighten up and try to have fun with it. If you're not in the mood, give short extremely literal answers. Where are you from. "I just came from home today." or "Earth." (with a duh tone)
    I either, depending on my mood, just give a brief answer with zero interested tone while appearing focused on driving (the appearance is real because you should be focused), and hope they get the hint that I'm not socializing, or I just say the first thing that comes to mind. The questions are just the way it is, and with any job, we can either deal with it or not. There is no way to make it stop. Dogs consistently behave the same exact way all the time and people love them. Humans just aren't unique, and these are the things they "think" to ask. This position is extremely low in status world, so people feel quite comfortable crossing the normal boundaries they have with strangers. You have to be secure in your self, and go with whatever you are comfortable with. The first line I gave you is good if you say it blandly like it's just a dismal fact, because a real heroin addict isn't all that enthusiastic and they'll assume your joking because these people can't imagine a heroin addict could be competently driving a car (we can....is he joking right nowo_O). They'll either laugh, or shut up. They know their questions are crossing usual boundaries. Humans just don't feel the boundaries when it's toward a lower status person than them. Like someone said above, you can also turn the question back at them. If they felt ok asking then it's too bad if they aren't ok with being asked the same.
    Have you noticed that occasionally a person asks the same questions, but they seem genuinely curious, not just making small talk? Strangely, I don't mind answering then. I am extremely introverted and small talk is like lifting weight to me, mental effort wise. I really have to push my self, it doesn't just flow out like with middle-vert or extroverts. So I know how annoying this is. When they're interested though, something more humane happens, and it's two people talking, and they asked a question, so you can be as honest as you want to be and they are obligated by politeness to hear it. They don't know what's true. If you're feeling really pissy that day, go with someone else's honest, like the crippled child story suggested above. Make em sorry they asked a personal question.
    Or you could tell them "Everybody already knows we make $100k/year. That was in the NY Times like 2 years ago. Don't you pay attention. And the NY Times is a reputable source of information. How could we live in the most powerful country with the freeest people, and have our most reputable news source be totally unreliable?" (actually, don't talk like that if you care about your rating. 2&1/2 years of research has shown me that most do not have this kind of sense of humor and will feel offended that the help dared to talk like this to them. And your rating will go down. Don't care about your rating though. Do NOT care about your rating. Even a heroin addict can keep above 4.8 just by being competent (wait, no, he's joking right? there's no heroin addicts driving Uber).:cool:
    Oh yeah, you are the help now.
  19. Entitled drivers giving everyone a bad name. No different than entitled pax.

    If you can't handle people being sociable, holding a conversation and asking questions or redirecting them then you really have some bigger underlying issues, that's all.

    Find another line of work, lady.
  20. I just make stuff up depending on the question. I always get the one about what's your best cab story etc.
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