Help get more Edmonton drivers to visit UP


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The more drivers that visit this forum the better we can share info.
Help spread the word to any drivers you run into.

I wish I could explain to all the surge chasers out there how they are wasting gas and doing exactly what Uber wants them to do - like mice chasing a scrap of cheese.

Go near the border of a surge zone if you're close but don't enter it. In the Edmonton mkt often 1 or 2 cars entering a zone will stop the surge.

Also help with TAG (Tips Are Great) when pax asks how your day is going. If the conversation lends itself to discussing how cash tips are accepted and appreciated great. If not no big deal.

Drivers that don't accept tips really hurt everyone.
I'm trying to condition some of my regulars that a small donation to my coffee fund keeps me coming back.
Plus I just might be willing to drive that 11 mins to pick you up.

Let's see if we can get some new blood on here from Edmonton...


It is create advice. Last weekend surge downtown were effected 1.9x I was at North side sitting parking lot I never chas surge, gues what !request came from near 97 and 118 Ave . Was good trip to South West I clear $75 two stops. no problem pick up was 10 min.


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Watching the pax app when uber plays surge game to move drivers around is comical on a Fri/sat night b/w St Albert / northwest/ downtown.

Often you can see 5-6 cars on the Trail going back n forth in a parade.

Best advice if you only want a surge ride... turn off your app and sit at a tims until the rotating surge comes back to you.

Odds are about 1 in 5 that you'll get a trip but at least you save gas and miles.
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