HELP... Document upload for vehicle registration


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What document should I upload for this for UberEats? I've tried to upload a screenshot from VicRoads reg - Unable to post Link ""

as well as from my VicRoads account. IN both cases, it was rejected. The strange thing is this is not even a required document. I got the following message during rejection of the document:

Email below:
"It seems that the document you uploaded is not the vehicle registration certificate that we were looking for.

However, we can upload the correct vehicle registration certificate on your behalf as long as your vehicle registration is current and valid.
Email end:

Does it mean I just wait?


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Thanks, I gave them a call and they were able to upload whatever document it is proviing the registration. I think when I go to the office, I need to get clarification on what this document is as I've switched to 3 month registration