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Help! Afraid I'll be rejected by Uber because of expired license (even though I have a new one now).

Discussion in 'Licensed' started by catperson86, Dec 30, 2017.

  1. catperson86

    catperson86 New Member

    New Jersey
    So yesterday I go to apply for Lyft, and I fear that if I apply for Uber the same thing will happen.

    As near as I can tell, Lyft thinks my license is expired when it is not? I'm not sure what's up. I have a current and valid New Jersey drivers license---I also had an old expired Texas license.

    So I am going through the process of signing up for Lyft, and right as I am uploading photos of my license and insurance documents, I suddenly get a screen that says:

    "Thanks for taking time to complete the Lyft driver application process. Unfortunately, after a final review of your profile, we’ve decided not to move forward with an invitation to join our driver community.

    On behalf of everyone at Lyft, thanks again for your time and understanding. We hope to see you again soon as one of our passengers!"

    Minutes later I find an email saying:

    "Based in whole or in part upon information contained in the driving history report report, we are considering rejecting your application to be a driver on the Lyft platform. If we decide to reject your application, you will receive additional information in a separate email."

    I can't figure out what is wrong so I look in the PDF they sent me with the 'driving history report' and the only thing it says that seems out of place is that it says that my license is expired. But this is my old license from Texas that expired in April 2017. I have a current license in New Jersey that I just got this summer and it's all up to date and peachy. I'm fairly certain I have nothing bad on my record, and nothing negative is reflected in their report---other than that it says my license (from Texas) is expired.

    What gives? I was planning on applying for Uber as soon as I finished uploading the files for Lyft, and now I'm worried that I'll do something wrong and create another error---or worse that simply having an expired license from Texas is somehow disqualifying from being a ride-share driver? This would really suck, as I was kinda counting on driving for Uber et al.

    Who should I contact? What should I do?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks for reading my stressed-out rant.
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  2. jgiun1

    jgiun1 Well-Known Member


    I would Twitter lyft.....gets ball rolling quickly
  3. Older Chauffeur

    Older Chauffeur Well-Known Member

    Simi Valley Ca
    Is your New Jersey license at least a year old? Not sure about Lyft, but I think Uber has (had) a requirement that an applicant have at least one year as a licensed driver in the state in which he/she is applying. Funny that they can't simply say that instead of alluding to some other supposed problem, so that you know how to proceed.
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  4. drive4lyft69

    drive4lyft69 New Member

    long beach ca
    Yes, Lyft has the same requirement.
  5. Ride Nights & Weekends

    Ride Nights & Weekends Active Member

    Lyft wanted me to have a liscense for 12 months continuously

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