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Hello! New driver in Austin


New Member
Hello Everyone! I posted some on the Austin thread the other day, but I thought I would introduce myself to the larger community. I just started driving this month. I have never used the app as a passenger before. So far, I am having a good time, and learning some of the do's and don'ts by trial and error. I have also been lurking on this forum and listing to the tips and tricks, and I thank you all for your previous posts. This is a temporary thing for me until we move back to Missouri this summer. I had a full time outside sales job for the last 9 years. I am used to spending a lot of time in my car, and dealing with customers. I am also taking a web development boot camp in the evenings. My full-time job came to and end last month, so I need to make ends meet until then. This works well with my class schedule, and gives me flexibility to study. My wife is a teacher, and I have 3 kids at home. I hoping I can bring in enough to get us by for next few months.

I have already been lucky enough to have someone throw up in my car. I also pulled to an apartment the other morning and a lady tried to send her 2 kids out to me to take them to school. She was standing out their in her night gown yelling at me about her canceled ride. I am also pretty suspect that a girl was using me to drop off needles, hopefully not drugs the other morning. This is certainly an interesting gig. For the most part though, everyone has been very nice, and some have tipped very well. That it for now!