Hello new driver here



I am a new driver here in the Blacksburg/Christiansburg area. I just started driving for Uber this week and have already had about 30 pings for pickups in Blacksburg area. Had my first one in Christiansburg area the other day. So far it has been interesting to get out and meet new people.

I am looking forward to continuing to drive for Uber and possibly for Lyft down the road.

Any advice from Blacksburg Uber drivers would be greatly appreciated. I am unsure how summer will go with Virginia Tech out for summer break.

Hopefully we can all get some business.


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Hi and welcome. :smiles:

This newbie link maybe of assistance.

There are sub forums covering insurance, licensing, tax etc.

Also consider checking your local Lyft/Uber web sites that may include city/airport info, surge times and places etc.

Thanks for the welcome. Already have been driving since last week. 46 trips under my belt. I am loving driving for uber.


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Seems the demand has dropped sharply since school is out. $100-200 a night has now become $30-70. Might have to get a real job if this keeps up.


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Yeah demand has been low. College is out. I however have noticed the demand in Christiansburg is sometimes surging. So will see.