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Hello, i'm HK Uber driver

Discussion in 'People' started by RAYHK, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. RAYHK

    RAYHK New Member

    My name is Raymond and have been UberX driver for 6 weeks in HK. Any other HK Uber driver here can share experience?

    Last Friday i received a message from Uber that "Customer is not satisfied with your route. Please pick the quickest route all the time, otherwise your account will be deactivated."

    I replied to Uber that I just follow Uber GPS unless it gives nonsense instructions,such as turning right or left that actually were not allowed according to traffic signs.

    dose this mean i will be deactivated if one more rider tells Uber the same?
  2. Trafficat

    Trafficat Well-Known Member

    Reno, NV
    Did the customer have you change directions mid ride, like go to pick someone up and come back to a mid point? If so, did he update it in the app? If not the rider may be trying to claim you took an inefficient route to not have to pay for a leg of your journey.
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  3. RAYHK

    RAYHK New Member

    Uber didn't say which rider's trip, but according to my memory,i got a lady rider who insisted i pick the wrong way in the middle of the trip & i showed her the gps. She then told me to follow her instruction instead of Uber gps. I believed that's the case.
  4. RAYHK

    RAYHK New Member

    Trafficat, you recall my memory of the first time when I got this Uber warning. On that day,i got a rider who requested to extend the trip further to her home after pick up something from the shop at the pre-defined destination spot. I requested her to change the destination but she said did not know how to make it. So i change with my Uber partner app. Then I received unsatisfied route warning with fare adjustment from Uber later that night.

    I am still negotiating with Uber about the fare adjustment now. Uber's partner support is really suck.
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  5. EX_

    EX_ Well-Known Member

    The most important thing you need to know about Uber is that the pax (no matter how stupid or asinine) is always right, and drivers are wrong.

    Good luck out there.

  6. MonkeyTOES

    MonkeyTOES Well-Known Member

    Wow.. never knew hk has uber. Must be hard to drive there with that much traffic...

    I suggest next time if the pax doesn't know how to input the new address, you can do it for her using her phone. Also strongly install a interior dashcam (assuming its legal in hk) so if anything bad happens you can send it to uber for proof.
  7. RAYHK

    RAYHK New Member

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