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Hello from Scranton, PA...

Discussion in 'People' started by WrestlingWithUber, Jun 27, 2017.

  1. WrestlingWithUber

    WrestlingWithUber New Member

    Scranton, PA
    Hello, all - just joined tonight, after lurking and reading for awhile.

    I'm just starting out driving with Uber, though I've been a passenger many times. I have read all the pros and cons, and I'm going to give it a shot. See what happens. I need some extra money to pay some bills and to be able to travel like I enjoy doing. My full time work schedule changes every few weeks, and this is why I can't get any sort of other part-time job. I can't be sure of what days and times I'd be able to work at one. The flexibility of Ubering appeals to me, and as long as I break even in some sort of way to equal what I'd get paid at a part-time gig, I'm good. I have a small car, a Chevy Spark. It's great on gas, and I love driving it.

    I used to work as a hospital transporter, and loved the patients. Can't say I ever had a bad or terribly difficult one. In general I really do enjoy working with the public, so let's see what happens with this.

    Wish me luck :)
  2. Michael Gingerich

    Michael Gingerich New Member

    Good luck to you! How's it going so far? I'm thinking about starting to drive myself soon.
  3. Elmo Burrito

    Elmo Burrito Well-Known Member

    Say hi to crazy uncle Joe when ya see him for me will ya?
  4. TheSnoozer

    TheSnoozer Active Member

    Jackson City, MS
    Have you ever picked anyone up from the paper company "Dunder & Mifflen"?
  5. ChortlingCrison

    ChortlingCrison Well-Known Member

    Welcome Snoozer!
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  6. tryingforthat5star

    tryingforthat5star Active Member

    Keep us updated on how many Uber drivers are in the Scranton area. You also got Wilkes Barre near by to do some runs with Mohegan Sun etc..
  7. sirius black

    sirius black Well-Known Member

    Scranton is on the upswing- First Uber, and now John Oliver is getting you a new train for the news backdrop. Good luck to you, and your car's suspension!
  8. ChortlingCrison

    ChortlingCrison Well-Known Member

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