Hello from Iowa


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I live in central Iowa and decided to give the Uber thing a try. After a week of doing so, I have found that there is some money to be made doing this (although realistically I have found that I will never get rich doing this, but in the meantime it will help pay the bills). And for those who may be wondering, I already owned a 2008 Crown Vic Police Interceptor (never caged or modified on the inside, clean car), so initial vehicle investment was nothing. One weird thing that I found so far though is that there is more of a "self-education" process with getting things going, for instance, obtaining the Class D3 to operate in Des Moines (or soon, state-wide), the Uber TNC logo (none of these things were prompted to me when I began the app process or was approved) insurance changes, etc., but other than that, after driving on 3 different days and after Uber's take, then adding tips, I've earned about $400 (less gas and anticipated maintenance). I did get heckled by an angry cab driver, but I'm not to worried about that. So we'll see how this goes... And again, hello!