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Hello from India!


New Member
Bangalore, India

Driving for:
Ola, - its the local version of Uber here. Supposedly Ola is bigger in India than Uber is in the US.

About me:

I've just applied for a Taxi drivers license to drive for Ola cabs.
I'm a programmer who built an app for our local taxi drivers that helps them subsidize their prepaid mobile connections by doing quizzes and little tasks like that.

Over a thousand drivers are currently using the app, its called Stepni - bit.ly/stepni

What am I getting out of making this app?
Nothing, in fact its cost about $1000 dollars so far to run it for the last month.
I'd like to build the facebook of drivers simply because it seems like there are huge bunch of people around the world who've suddenly gotten into the taxi driving business.
The rules seem to be unclear and in a lot of ways, it seems like the drivers are jammed in between the local government on one side and the company they're partnering with on the other.
I think it would be nice if all the drivers around the world were on the same platform.
Who knows, it might actually do some good.