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Hello from Chicago West Suburbs

Discussion in 'People' started by c32amg, Sep 6, 2015.

  1. c32amg


    Newbie here want to kindly ask what are ideal times and days to drive...I live in the Chicago suburb called Elgin IL...any advice welcomed. Thanks
  2. UberNorthStar


    Southern Burbs of Houston
    Welcome to the forum, c32amg.
    Please read your Partnership Agreement.

    New Drivers have 30 Days to Opt-out of Binding Arbitration.

    Although I am.not in Chicago, I am.in the burbs like you are. 5am to 9am would be when people need to go to work on weekdays with 3pm to 6pm the return time. Friday & Saturday nights.into 3am are good for dates & bars.

    Hope that helped. You need to.find your own routine, and a "base" like a Starbucks in the middle of the v area you are servicing.

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  3. William1964


    Welcome to the forum.

    Good luck with your venture the passengers are not as bad as they are portrayed here sure they don't tip but they're told not to.

    A lot of the drivers on the other hand beg for tips punish the passengers with low ratings. They don't like short trips they don't like long trips. They don't like working.

    Your best bet is to take this forum for what it is a soap box for people who feel they are getting screwed by everyone but themselves and feel so entitled that they bring every new member down.

    Unless you have more important bills to catch up on before they take away whatever it is save your money and use it to pay off your credit cards and high interest loans.
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  4. c32amg


    Believe me I am part of many forums and of course there are good and bad and even deceptive members going to give their opinions...I figured I ask anyways but going to try Suburban areas first in higher dense work,restaurant,people areas as for times not clear but thinking of trying different times to see what suits me best. I haven't even started yet but plan to today 4pm on and see how it goes. Thanks guys
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  5. Hey there c32amg - I also live in the western suburbs (North Aurora) and have been focusing on Aurora, North Aurora, Geneva, Batavia and St. Charles. this doesn't seem to be working for me lately. Have you had luck up in Elgin, or any other western burb? I appreciate it!
  6. c32amg


    I don't do Elgin much and I do busy hours when I do. Uber riders are slowly coming around but not enough to stay here all day yet. Only time Elgin is busy are certain holidays like Christmas or New Years so far but even then no guarantee you will stay in Elgin
  7. West burbs forum newbie here also, I live in North Riverside, so not too far from you.

    Good luck!

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