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Hello again from Columbia, SC

Discussion in 'People' started by th1rd3, Jan 3, 2017.

  1. th1rd3

    th1rd3 New Member

    Columbia, SC
    My name is Jon and I attempted to drive for Uber back in 2015 but the money was terrible so I stopped. Now, I have attempted to start again. I started two weekends before the fall semester let out, driving about 7 hours each on Friday and Saturday nights. I made an average of $140-150 per night. Once the students left, there was essentially zero business until NYE, in which I made $370 in 12 hours. I currently have a 4.93 rating and have had nothing but positive experiences except for a drunk guy putting stickers all over the inside of my car and someone using me as a driver to perform a drug deal.

    I plan to regularly drive this upcoming semester, as I am only taking two courses and then I graduate with a degree in Chemical Engineering. I am wondering for those who drive in Columbia, SC what times / locations / etc seem to work best. My plan was to work mainly Friday and Saturday nights from 8pm - 4am. Perhaps Thursdays and specific holidays too. What works for you all?

    I know Uber SUCKS in Columbia, SC compared to other towns, but I find it fun and have made decent money so far. I am just trying to set a schedule for when to turn the app on. I figure 2-3 nights a week would meet my needs. Does anyone have experience with Thursdays (college night)?

    Also, what daytime events should I look out for? I already have a really good feel for the area (I've lived here for maybe 5-6 years total), and absolutely killed it on NYE (partially due to a 30 mile 9x surge from downtown). I don't want to waste my time and want to get as many rides as possible. From what I hear from my customers, I am much more presentable and my car is much nicer than the typical Columbia, SC UberX Driver. I have heated leather seats, nice sound system, and dress well. Uber is only worth it for me if I am making a MINIMUM of 20/hr and I want to maximize my profits if I am going to be doing this as a part time gig.

    I have no experience with the airport yet, but I have found that hanging around five points or the vista after 10pm is usually a good call. I try to be on the vista side of town for the 2am surges. Five points seems to typically be college students doing a short ride where vista seems to need rides to Irmo or Lexington. Just my two cents.

    Also, I've driven down main street a bit. So many college students at the Hub use Uber, same with Granby on Whaley.

    My last question is that after NYE, I got a high cancellation warning from Uber. I wasn't waiting more than 5 minutes for a single person on the busiest night of the year, and me cancelling one guy actually landed me that 9x surge so I couldn't be more thankful. I think I cancelled maybe 6 rides that night which pushed my cancellation rate up and it wound up at 12%, because after you cancel on a rider for not showing up, you can obviously get called back by them. I instinctually pick up any request, and twice that night I got re-requested by people I cancelled on as I was driving away and had to cancel again. I imagine they would have given me a low rating had I come back for them, knowing that I cancelled and charged them $5 extra. Any tips for getting around this. I have no desire to wait more than 5 minutes for anyone but don't want to get deactivated. People who call Uber before even closing their tab are idiots, and I imagine that occurs a lot in Columbia.

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