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Heated exchange between Uber driver, passenger caught on camera


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She refused to get out of his car, but eventually left after 45 minutes.

“You see it so many times…It's happening to so many drivers,” says Hassen, who started with Uber nine months ago after his father got sick.

He says difficult, unruly and aggressive passengers are just some of the problems Uber drivers face daily in the ride-sharing industry. According to Hassen, the new Uber carpool feature has been causing drivers headaches, saying passengers don’t know that the company is in charge of those meeting zones, not the drivers.

Uber told News 12 that it is refunding Hassen $30 that is owed to him from the incident. It is also urging passengers to double check license plates and driver’s names to make sure they are getting into the right car.


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Dude handled it all wrong.
Cancel notification comes. Pull over.
"Ma'am, you canceled the ride, you need to get out of my car."
"No? You have 30 seconds to get out or I call the police."
Call cops and wait. "Officer, this woman has been asked to leave my vehicle and she refuses. I'm pressing charges of trespassing."

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