Heat Map Not Showing Up


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I was out tonight and for some reason the heat map was not showing. I was getting pings that were surge but the entire map all night showed no surge anywhere. The rider app showed surge however. Anyone else have this issue tonight or ever? Is this punishment from uber lol. Should I just send an email or go into the office (FML)? I reinstalled the app to no avail.


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Same here after the last "app update" as of last night.... Clear map right now as well... Even though rider app is obviously surging for morning rush...

Hopefully it will kick back in later...

But do remember uber is trying to phase out "surge" as a whole in the near future... They are already testing no "surge" in some cities in states...

To clear things up for some, their still will be price fluctuation depending on the demand. The only thing is instead of riders clicking and accepting "surge multiplier" they will get a total fare amount stating, price is higher due to high demand... I for one think this will eliminate lot of riders waiting for surge to go down, since they will clearly see the total amount charge.... The only issue I see is if whether or not us drivers will be able to see busy area on the map moving forward...


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I can still see it.


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