Heads up on some good $ pax


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I recently picked up this pax from Golfhaven Drive in Scarborought, Lawrence Ave E. and Scarborough Golf Club Road area. It was a ROUND trip to Keswick, north of Newmarket. The trip lasted 103 minute including about 15 minutes wait time at Keswick, and traveled 132KM in total. The payout was $95. It was a Friday around 1:00pm.

The pax initially worried if I would refuse the trip and mentioned that he had done that few times in the past. So, he may request same trip again in the future. He was very quiet and very polite. His user name was a single letter "H".

Edit: It was a UberX ride.


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I Think I've had him before,
Was a fair 25K Retrun trip. with a 5 minute stop over.