Headlight Housing Replacement

SQ Prius

Hey guys, figured I would post here since I am looking for this locally. My Prius, (Prius drivers will know) had the infamous headlamp housing condensation problem that allowed moisture to enter the HID Ballast and fry it to oblivion.

Replaced the Passenger side housing and ballast, light is great bright and clean. Problem now is, the driver side is working fine, but the plastic housing is dingy, tarnished, oxidized. Yes, I already had it scrubbed and polished once by me, another by a shop that had the special dealer kit. Looked good for 3 months and back to crap again.

I am looking to just get a new housing for the Driver side, anyone know of any in the area or good shop online? Amazon obviously sells them, but you never know the build quality and prices are all over the map.

This is driver side for 2004-2009 gen HID.

Thanks everyone!