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He has driven for Uber since 2012. He makes about $40,000 a year.


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Very accurate article. Same thing happened to me - the more I drove, the more miles my car had(duhh) and the more I owed credit card companies.
If I may give advise - improve your skills. Without skills you only will get by and will owe everyone and everyone will make fun of your situation and not take you seriously.
I am almost 40 yo, but me and my wife decided to go back to school. She will be nurse , I will be programmer . In 5-10 years I hope to forget I ever did Uber.
Even now, working in security while going to school I realized if I go to firearm school and carry gun, I might get $20/h job because there are less people who approved by the state of California to carry gun to work. So I would improve my paycheck just by learning to shoot.
Always improve, don’t get stuck in bad situation.


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Mr. Ashlock, who will be 71 next week, has racked up more than 25,000 trips as an Uber driver since 2012. His Nissan Altima has 218,000 miles on it — nearly the distance to the moon. His passengers rate him 4.93 out of five stars. His favorite review: “Dude drove like a cabdriver.”

Mr. Ashlock spent a decade as a San Francisco cabdriver in the 1970s and 1980s as he sought to make a living as an artist. He recalls taking home about $500 a week, equivalent to $1,500 now. He bought gas for the cab but did not have to worry about repairs or upkeep.

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Have you read about the article before you offered your opinion?
there was nothing in that article that most of us dont know already. I'm sorry he is far away from work. Im sorry he doesn't get better mileage and have a cheap mechanic. He should be getting the $10,000 bonus. If you have to worry about depreciation you have the wrong car. If you worry about repairs you have the wrong mechanic. If you dont make enough money you are probably in the wrong market. If you arent happy you probably have the wrong job...