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You know what this brings back bad memories. I had a drunk early on in my Uber driving experience that got into my car at 3am in the back streets of Cheltenham. I started the trip, he didn't have a destination, I asked him where he wanted to go, he said "home", I said "where is home?", he said "Elwood', I said "where in Elwood?", he said "just drive will you?", I said "This is not looking good. I had a girl spew in my car the previous night. I do not want another one. I do not want to take this trip. Will you please get out of the car?" He said "no". I asked again and again and again. He wouldn't budge. I pleaded. I said I had made up my mind. I didn't want to take the trip. He wouldn't move. I pleaded again. I yelled at him (like this guy). What was I to do? It was dark. It was 3am. I didn't want a physical confrontation. I felt very vulnerable. I decided to call 000 and get the police on the line. At the same time I decided to toot the horn. I didn't care who I woke up. Eventually a woman came out of the house that he came from and got him out of the car. I drove down the road just as the police came on the line. They heard the last bit. They asked if I was alright. I said I was, but I was shaken. I sent a message to Uber and they were going to follow it through (potentially banning him from the service). I believe they treated it seriously. It was my worst Uber trip ever. Thankfully there have been no more incidents like that. We are giving the public a service. The public need to respect this at all times.

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Wow malbi, that sounds horrible and things like that have a real potential to escalate into something really bad. My mate on the Gold Coast driving Uber had a pax throwing chicken bone and chips at him and when he wouldn't leave the vehicle upon request my mate helped him out and being an ex-bouncer you can probably imagine it was not the smoothest of exits. Passengers need to behave themselves!