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Have you received any interesting tips?

Discussion in 'Tips' started by totallynotalion, Aug 30, 2016.

  1. KUBriguy

    KUBriguy Member

    Kansas City
    I got two expired coupons for fountain drinks.
  2. UberBeemer

    UberBeemer Well-Known Member

    NW Chicago Suburbs
    A rider offered me a
    Bud of marijuana once...
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  3. WettDreams

    WettDreams Active Member

    Catahoula country
    Giving you bud is common in the south bay
  4. Roger1012

    Roger1012 New Member

    East Bay
    Have thrice received a nice bottle of wine from various Napa riders; all were in the industry. Retail values $40, 45, 90
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  5. Doowop

    Doowop Well-Known Member

    Wow, I like that. Where is napa?
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  6. Mears Troll Number 4

    Mears Troll Number 4 Well-Known Member

    Napa Valley California

    It's the heartland of America's wine agriculture.
  7. Tars Tarkas

    Tars Tarkas Well-Known Member

    Manassas, VA, USA
    One drunk guy have me $20 cash for stopping at a 7-Eleven to buy smokes. His wife who was with him concurred.

    Another lady recently gave me $20 in-app, and I don't know why exactly except we had a moderately pleasant conversation for 40 minutes, and her Uber tab went in her expense account. Wish I could thank her.

    The best tip was the $150 cleanup fee paid to me from a woman who vomited on the back seat. Took me 45 minutes to clean it thoroughly and an overnight airing out.

    I can make more from vomiting passengers than from grinding out normal trips all day.
  8. Irishjohn831

    Irishjohn831 Active Member

    New Rochelle, NY
    Drove a nice guy in NY from larchmont to LaGuardia Airport, he tipped me $20 cash and about half hour later I noticed he tipped an extra $10 on the app.

    Here’s the kicker w those familiar w NY, the fare to the airport w toll $6 going out, $22.00.

    Bridge toll coming back another $6. With no tip and 40 miles RT, eat toll on way back your about even after 1-2 hours depending on traffic.
  9. Julescase

    Julescase Well-Known Member

    Los Angeles
    A pair of $150 sunglasses that look fabulous on me, thankyouverymuch Mr. & Mrs. Cheapskate!

    And PS: thanks for that $2 tip for the 1.5 hour ride to the airport through hideous traffic. Especially after bragging about how many material things you own, your huge house, and the boat you just bought. Karma's a beeeotch.

    I always relay my history of paying $65 for a taxi ride to the airport and tipping the driver $20 - always, always, always. It was an $85 ride, and I was fine with that.

    Now I give the same exact ride to pax on Uber for $15 and I often get zero in tips. I don't know if it's lack of basic etiquette knowledge, the deeply instilled "no tipping " culture Uber's had for years, or a combination of both, but it makes me sick and so incredibly frustrated. Like, REALLY? No tip? On an airport ride? WHO RAISED YOU??!!

    What a generous move. Hey, that's how the rich stay rich!
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