Have you picked up anyone famous?


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Rosso. I forget his first name. Radio presenter/comedian. I haven't seen him active these days. His wife ordered the Uber. They had a bag, so I went to help get it in my boot and as I did I looked up and saw Rosso. I recognised his face and said 'hey, you're...' and he finished my sentence saying 'yeah Rosso....' thereby cutting my interaction short. I guess he gets recognised a lot of the time.

I got the impression he didn't want to talk to the lowly uber driver (me) so I kept my trap shut, waiting to be spoken to. They spent the 30min ride talking amongst themselves, which is totally fine. Listening to his wife was kind of annoying, I think the semi-complaining about first world problems was what annoyed me. I guess they inhabit a different world these stars. I did note that, for a comedian, he wasn't very funny nor particularly engaging in the car. They were polite enough with the courtesies though. Their house was amazing. Never knew comedy and radio presenting was so lucrative.

All due respect to Rosso, I think Lisa Ann would have been more fun.


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Ashy Bines, had no idea who she was when she got into the car.

But when she got into the car, she did a snapchat saying "I would like to thank everyone for coming out to my show, blah blah, will see all you guys in Melbourne"

I was wondering ok, who is this chick.

I asked her, so what are you a DJ or something? she says "Nah, I am porn star, was at a signing session" "kidding, I have following on twitter, I am instructor"

I checked her out on Instagram, nearly a million follower and has her own tv show.


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Picked up a couple radio hosts from the ABC once (didn't know who they were). Have picked up alot of production staff from channel 7 and Fox sports too. That's about my extent.
Lev L Spiro...director and husband of the chick that directed the vampire movies. Cool guy. No tip. But son loved knowing that I drove around the guy that directed 1 of the Beverly Hills chihuahua movies.

Lauren Sesswlmann. ..2012 U S women's soccer team ...very cool. No tip but offered greenbay tickets.

Sammi Barber...actress. ..cool...no tip