Have you ever had bad gas??

Have you ever had bad gas??

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Asking 4 a friend
Remember the last contest, Carmen passed out. Remember this priceless shot right before she passed out.


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Yes, after hurricane Frances and Jeanne in 2004 the house I was living in sustained damage to the roof and it rained in my house for 48 hours. We lost 80% of our stuff. Well, the stress of dealing with that, living at mom and dad's with my family, it was a rough uear afyet recovering...

I spent endless days going through a lifetime of memories cleaning and salvaging what I could. My daughter's baby pictures, . kindergarten class x-mass ornaments., the fuzzy hand print mothers day gift., my son's first base ball mit. It goes on and on...

Well the stress got to me so one day I decided i wanted to take the boat out, it has been sitting for 6-8 months 120 gal tank, almost full all bad gas!

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Yes, it made my car splutter and do kangaroo jumps, somehow water had got into the gas stations tanks.
Same thing happened to me many years ago on the east coast.
Honest mechanic told me it was common for gas stations to water down their gas. Couple bottles dry gas fixed the sputtering after running the engine a few min and letting the water to work its way out.

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No, but on one trip the following sequence of events unfolded:

[Pax gets in car, pleasantries exchanged, ride begins]
[Evil, obnoxious sewer-type shit smell wafts in through the vents from outside]
[I hear pax roll down her window]
Me - "Uh... that smell is coming from outside, not inside"
Pax - "Oh."
[I hear pax roll window back up]
[Ride continues in awkward silence]


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I once hired this very polite guy...
The cab I leased him immediately had a gas tank full of water.
Id fix it, he'd come to work, more watery gas.
I asked him, "just where are you siphoning all this watery gas? You are killing my vehicle".
He denied everything.

As soon as I fired him, the car ran like a top.