Have to stop car to accept request.



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It happened to me last night, as im driving down 7th ave I received a trip request. I do the normal, tap to accept. Nothing happens. I stop the car, it accepts the trip. Anyone else notice the same thing?
This is very dangerous.


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Lol same thing happened to me as well. And I could not go offline before stopping the car. That's lame


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That use to be a old safety feature and every driver complained about it, till they removed it. You couldn't do anything if the car was in motion. Maybe they bringing it back.


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You are not supposed to be touching any degital device while the car is in motion, from GPS to phone/tablet, it's the law.


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They need to change that. I'm usually able to accept but can't press navigation either. The other issue is sometimes I lose gps signal and it won't let me complete the trip because it thinks I am still moving.
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