Christians have a problem playing music that conflicts with their beliefs. They also are mandated to share their faith Acts 1:8. With gentleness and respect 1 Peter 3:16-22. In other words not shove in down someone's throat. I have been using a Spotify ApologetiX playlist to accomplish the above and a segway.

ApologetiX has parodied over 500 hits of all genres to satisfy any music taste. For the most part they mimic the original artist using their own music instruments. Wild Thing becomes Child King, Panama becomes Santa Claus for Christmas songs. Another One Bites the Dust becomes Another One Died For Us. Cocaine becomes Complain. Hot Stuff becomes Hanukkah. YMCA becomes YHWH. Parodies are nothing new. Everyone has heard of Weird Al but did you know the US national anthem is a parody of the UK national anthem? Even the Salvation Army was emptying pubs with bar song parodies in the UK way back.

Passengers say "What station are you listening to?" "I did not know they sang that version." I like the one that said "Sir I only listen to Christian music!" of course I said "This IS Christian music". But the people who ask "Is this another language?" makes me LOL. I say "yeah!!!!" with a smile. Over the years none has expressed offense and I can count on one hand those to asked me to change the music. This leads to more questions from riders that I stand ready to answer. Many even non-Christians have asked how they can get the playlist. The content of the lyrics of ApologetiX can teach one to become a theologian (Bible scholar)

On the Spotify app search for the artist ApologetiX, under playlists look for ApologetiX Master Playlist. It will have over 500 songs on it. Spotify is free with adds but they don't overwhelm you with them. Other music apps such as Pandora, itunes, apple, google or iheart don't seem to have much of ApologetiX. From there use your AUX cord or bluetooth with your car audio. It's that easy!!!

I have experienced higher rateings (4.9) and tips on both uber and and lyft. Lots of uber music badges. Using ApologetiX makes driving rideshare more enjoyable and with purpose.
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I listen to my music while playing it backwards with pax in the car.

Don't need to shoulder check either, as I can rotate my head 360 degrees, while projectile vomiting at the same time.

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In other words not shove in down someone's throat. I
My Bible told me people are going to be punished by an angry god for eternity, just for being wrong about Jesus. I think it's terribly urgent to make sure everyone knows before it's too late. Only a callous dick would be like "oh, I don't wanna shove it down throats". Ur going to hell people! That's horrible.

I know god is a @@@@ing dick for being like that, just cuz someone's reasoning faculties caused them to doubt the veracity of some weird people telling them about some hard to believe magic story, but they have to believe or he'll send them to eternal suffering. If one knows about that, they should feel some urgency to prevent it. It's Eternal!

This is urgent man, urgent. U can't just let people leave without convincing them. That is totally selfish. There's people who never heard of Jesus & my Bible said they suffer eternally. U have to believe or else. This ain't a polite matter like voting D or R or vanilla or chocolate ice cream. This is urgent. Gentle & respectful is making sure someone doesn't accidentally end up suffering for eternity.

U see someone walking in front of a car, do u just say "meh, if I was standing a little closer maybe I'd say something, but meh, just another person getting smashed, I don't want to be yelling in public"?

Thank you for the music suggestion. It sounds pretty funny.