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Has Anyone Received An Uber Arbitration Settlement Payment


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Back around January/February there was talk that Uber was offering so many cents per mile (forgot if it was 11 or 39) to settle classification arbitration claims. At that time it reports said the payments would begin around August. I have not heard anything more.


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The hearing is on 8/29/2019. The Lawyers are asking for 25% of the settlement. Time will tell. With California's recent reclassification who knows.

The Uberlitigation.com website has more info. There was a Lyft Class action a couple years ago. Fairness hearing was in March 2017, payments were sent out March 2018.
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I guess I mixed up my news stories. August seems to be the month that the settlement for drivers that opted out of the arbitration agreement.

In Uber's S1 IPO filing submitted in December of last year they listed 60,000 claims submitted for arbitration. Uber is trying to keep those claims out of arbitration by offering a settlement based on miles driven. But I have not heard anything in the last few months.