Has anyone here ever Ubered in San Diego? I'll be there Monday morning; recommendations?


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Ohai SoCal peeps,

I'll be giving a client a ride from Santa Monica to La Jolla this upcoming Monday, arriving sometime around 11:30AM.
My client will need a ride back on Wednesday, around 10:15AM.

I have never been to La Jolla before; while I do my own research, I was wondering if any of you have some Uber-related recommendations/tips for when I arrive. Options I've mapped out thus far:

1.) Dead mile back north after dropoff.

2.) Uber in the SD area for a day and dead mile back at the end of the day.

3.) Uber in the SD area through Wednesday morning, spending the nights at a place/hotel/Airbnb, to cut down on dead miles and be available to give the client a ride back.

I want to make the most of this situation; if you know of strategic spots to Uber and/or some economical places to stay, I'm all ears.
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Wasn't there a thread that discussed the need for a SD business license to pick up there? Something about a ticket?