Has anyone had to drive near, around, through (i.e. deal with) the protests or riots going on right now?


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This guy is legit


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We got caught in one in LA a couple of years ago. I was stuck behind car #2 because they panicked and slowed down when there was still time to avoid the protesters running out and lining up. They then started moving towards the cars while others came from the side to block more and harass those inside their cars. I remained calm but told my wife if we get attacked in any way I'm plowing the field of protesters.

Fortunately the front line got confused and spread out so the car in front of me took off and I didn't hesitate to go while the protesters re-grouped. Car #3 behind me had a protest sign thrown at it as it passed. Car #4 didn't make it and was vandalized along with other cars that were stuck with the protesters.
I had to wait while the social influencer's entourage blocked the traffic, arranged all the rioters, and sorted out her cleavage correctly. Then her photographer took 479 photos from 15 different angles. Should look good. As we were allowed to proceed through I saw her being interviewed by a CNN guy.
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This guy is legit...CEO who actually stepped down ... let’s see Dara and the rest step down and give back all the $$$$ they have made over the years .
I suspect his resignation will curb generalised no specific race hatred against him.


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I was in Ft. Worth's bar district over the weekend and it seemed like protests had finished, but there were police everywhere. They had major roads blocked off and there were at least 3 helicopters hovering. I think they were just establishing a presence to ward off any window bashing, but all the people out were being very well-behaved.


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I got stuck driving through West LA when the first started a couple weeks ago...there were trash cans on fire, people spray painting buildings, people standing in the middle of the road not letting drivers go by...it was pretty scary


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Has anyone had to drive near, around, through (i.e. deal with) the protests or riots going on right now?
Yup, got caught at the tail end of one here in Dallas. Luckily it was pretty much over by time I had to pick up a passenger, but police were still out in full force, streets shut down, people still milling about etc.