Has any one gotten a cancellation fee Lately ???


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Yesterday I didn't see the count down timer. hmmm... this would greatly reduces my 7 minute and mile 2 pick up range limit. I depend on cancellations for lunch money.


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I have been getting them but I think Uber is your location against the pin to dictate if you get the cancellation. I have been driving to the pin or as closest as I can get. No phone call or text and wait. I don't depend on the timer and keep track myself.

If I cannot get close to the pin (in the middle of the mall, inside a gated community. I wait and then a message "Please cancel and request another Uber when your toes are on the curb. Unfortunatly, I am not able to (drive inside the mall, read your mind, magically open the gates, find your exact apartment). You should contact your driver with this information right after you request a ride.

If they don't cancel, I start the trip and drive off. They usually cancel immediately. This is when I earn a 1* If they don't cancel, I end the trip when I am far enough away.

Be a part of the solution and not the problem. Riders will quickly learn that they need to do there part. Or Uber will realize that they need to change something due to rider complaints.

Cary Grant

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I had several cancellation fees this morning, including one stacker that cancelled after two minutes. The app said I'd be paid even though I was already on a trip, and sure enough, after I get home this morning, the number of cancel fees was accurate.