Happy National Donut Day

Ad nauseam

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walk towards Columbus
Well, they don't have to be. Only telling my Pastor my pick up spot. WHAT you have to be is smart enough to have a two line text prepared, cached, and copied on clipboard--accept--text
HEY. I'm OVER HERE...walk THIS WAY ~~~~>

Now, under 2--who gives a _____

But you been all Map&80s and you hanging out at the BP on Wabash and 3.5 is lingering in the aire.

Worth the trouble.

They don't understand the text?--well don't talk like me:smiles: They don't response immediately with YEAH COOL ON THE WAY

Cancel like you made it up--next ping worth ten more dollars anyway.
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No one's talking donuts! Had a 2.4 from loop to ord. Pax couldn't wait until being dropped off, needed to use a bathroom. Pulled off at Addison and went to Dunkin. She bought me a donut. Didn't know until later about it being a special donut day.