Hang or recycle?


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I got this in the mail today. Look at the useless garbage Uber spends its money on. It was immediately going in the recycle bin until I noticed the part on the bottom where it says to tip your driver. Now maybe I’ll hang it? What will you do with yours?


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Taking the trash out... and leaving it for Bears, raccoons and squirrels. :biggrin:
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On second thought, Hang it on the back seat. And then blame the 1 stars on the very sign uber created.


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What I find interesting is that there is absolutely nothing on there about wearing a face covering.
And yet there is an arrow pointing at the pax's mask. Clearly the picture was intended to show that a mask was required. Uber's lack of testes is showing. They have caved to the anti-mask loonies. More evidence that Uber does not care about the drivers. We are expendable and easily replaced. Uber doesn't lose a penny when a driver dies so they don't care.