Hamptons, weekend worth it for $150 xtra?

Was offered $150 for 10 rides in hamptons area, completed from fri night to sun night
I live 75 minutes from hamptons area,
will most rides be within hamptons area or will most take me 1-2 hours outside area?
is it that busy, will pings come immediately?


Uber ?? Sounds more like Lyft to me.

Why don't try it and find it out for yourself. If you have some experience plus do some thinking on top, you wouldn't need to question it.
when I check passenger app, how can I tell if they are busy?
do you mean moving around or standing still?
what is a lot of cars for hamptons area?


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Hamptons is over already, tons of local drivers plus dozens of outsiders, the most you will do is to take a few people to and from the jitneys bus stop or to the train station. If you could make that money on your own they wouldn't be offering it out of their pockets, common sense here goes a long way.


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Don't waste your time with those promotions. Lyft is not popular and it isn't easy to get 10 trips in one location. Some trips will take you out of the area. 10 trips in LI I think gave an extra $50 but even that was impossible. I remember uber did something similar which I was able to complete easily. I wish they would do it again because the rates are so pathetic.


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10 trips with lyft in the hamptions could take you all week forget it

I thought the OP was talking about the Uber's promo offer(!) for Hamptons.

I don't know what's up with the Lyft.
I have deleted Lyft app after the 4th of July.
It is such a waste of time and resources to work with Lyft in LI.