Hamptons 4th of July?



For hamptons you need a permit. East hampton and montauk you can't pick up at all, better yet, main streets are patrolled by cops and if they see you returning with passengers, from east hampton/montauk, they can stop you and give a nasty ticket. So it makes no sense picking up those sneaky passengers that order you to the edge of east hampton and ask to drive up to montauk for pick up promising a nice long ride.

By the way, first time offence driving without permit in hamptons is a 10,000.00$ ticket, 2nd time a criminal offence record. Technically uber pay the ticket, but only if you are TLC license holder, those sneaking in from NJ and etc with no tlc license will have to pay out of pocket.

Season permit costs 750$.
Inshur New York