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Had another driver as pax today.


My first passenger ever was an ex Uber Driver. I mistakenly started the ride before I even picked him up so I thought his drop off address was his pickup. I couldn’t understand why it was in a totally different area than when I accepted the trip....lol He called me because he could see I was originally right down the street when I got the ping and now I was heading in the opposite direction. When I picked him up he told me he use to be an Uber driver so he was very understanding about my newbie screw up and offered some tips. He was even trying to take the blame for my screw up saying he probably put the wrong address in but we both knew it was from me starting the trip before I picked him up. Such a nice guy and he even tipped, which I wasn’t expecting after messing up so bad.

I also picked up three 20 year olds and dropped them off at the bowling alley. The girl that had the Uber account said her dad is an Uber driver in the same area and they asked him to come get them and he said no...she tipped me $10. I was surprised!


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I've had quite a few drivers as pax … the absolute worst was a NC driver who said he would tip me $40 in the app for a long trip out of zone...we had a great convo for 90 minutes to his destination and the worthless clown stiffed me on the tip (to this day, I will NEVER trust another person from North Carolina)

in general, other drivers are not great PAX, for some reason they seldom tip, which strikes me as bizarre (maybe I've gotten drivers who actually have done very few rides?)

for myself, when I'm a PAX, I always tip both cash AND in the app -- I figure it's a nice surprise for the driver after I've already tipped them cash


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I've went to tin roof inn 3 times now because the bartender didn't tip..... told her i would in the app every time


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So having the ability to read a Haynes manual makes me the man.... gotcha

On the other hand, it must bake someone else completely unable to function as human being, you know not being able to read and all

Its not that hard to replace a transmission
Bloody difficult to rebuild one.

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