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Had another driver as pax today.

Discussion in 'Stories' started by rallias, Dec 2, 2018.

  1. rallias


    So... I had a passenger today, picked them up right infront of a police car (cops were perfectly happy looking at their laptop, were parked in the bidirectional turn lane). They wanted to add a stop, which is OK with me, I start telling them how to add it in the app...


    "Are you in the driver app or the passenger app?"

    That explains why it was a pain to guide them through finding the add a stop function.
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  2. ANT 7

    ANT 7

    LOL.........I've never had an UBER driver as a pax.......but I have been a pax while an UBER drive many a time.

    I'd say 90% of the UBER driver's in my market know absolutely SFA about how either app works. They are truly human versions of SDC's........dumb and useless as a bag full of hammers.
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  3. Coachman


    I've had at least four drivers as riders. Who knows how many who never announced it. I don't announce it when I'm riding.
  4. btone31


    Did that driver tip?
  5. I usually don't say I am a driver. They ask me for tips and other things.
  6. I had 1 tip me with $2.00 in quarters.
    Have had many drivers as passengers.

    Most recent have been giving rides to repair shop

    To pick up their vehicles after Expensive Repairs !
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  7. I’ve been a pax a few times. mostly Lyft
    I’m Always surprised how nice & happy the drivers are.
    Nothing like the UP victim crowd. Booo Whooo.

    I was also shuffled once by an uber driver (and refunded the cancel fee upon demand)
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  8. TXqwi3812


    I am surprised given all the training UBER provides.
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  9. Why would anyone pay someone else to fix their vehicle..... absolutely no reason
  10. Merc7186


    Buffalo NY
    It depends on what needs to be done....brakes, no problem....transmission going, here you go Mr Mechanic.

    I always tell the Mechanic that I will tip them in the app when I get my keys...I swear, Im good for it.
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  11. “I had 1 tip me with $2.00 in quarters.”
    Where was the pick up? A laundromat?
  12. Can’t say if I’ve had a driver, but after I got a ping, I got a text saying he was a driver and I was picking up his parents from a Drs. Appointment.

    Nice folks, she needed help up to the door and he was kind of frail so I got her up the door

    The other driver 5*, made a nice comment and a $4 tip.
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  13. OK Mr Tool Time Juggalo9erJuggalo9er
    You’re the man

  14. So having the ability to read a Haynes manual makes me the man.... gotcha

    On the other hand, it must bake someone else completely unable to function as human being, you know not being able to read and all

    Its not that hard to replace a transmission
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  15. I get a kick out of folks looking for cheap oil changes and brake pads. Two incredibly easy things and saves a boatload of cash. YouTube em and save.
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  16. Brake pads
    Remove tire
    Remove caliper pins
    Push caliper back in
    Put back together
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  17. RaleighUber


    Raleigh, NC
    I get oil change for $19.99 with coupon. I can't buy the filter and 5 quarts of oil for that in this area.
  18. Then you’re getting regular oil, likely not synthetic or blend. That is a good price regardless
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  19. It’s not about reading
    It’s the TOOLS
    You got the tools dude
  20. You can buy an american made set of tools from menards for around $60

    Pays for itself in 2 oil changes

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